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    Samsung S6 Edge

About Us

G&P Convergence was founded in 2013 by George Fernando.

It all began in the UK as a mobile phone recycling business but George soon returned to his native Southern Africa and after partnering Phathiswa from South Africa quickly began expanding the company, selling refurbished and brand new handsets and other digital devices.

Since arriving in South Africa we have supplied over 500,000 cellphone handsets through both individual sales as well as corporate contracts.

G&P combines two key areas of expertise that makes us the ideal partner for anyone looking to source digital devices in Southern Africa:

  • Strong relationships with device manufacturers and suppliers in the Far East and the united states of America – No one can beat our prices!
  • In depth knowledge of worldwide import and export regulations – No one can get the devices delivered as cheaply and efficiently!


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For more info and support, contact us!

37 Aster Street East Lynne Gauteng South Africa

+27 8323 81610